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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Obama colleague speaks up.

by George Dienhart

Having moved to Georgia from Illinois, I have some insight on the Obama campaign. In the coming months, I will share that insight. As a down payment on this analysis, I offer this quote from former Illinois State Senator Steve Rauschenberger:
“Barrack was one of the smartest people I ever worked with, but he was more interested in moving up, I never thought he was very engaged in the state senate, because he didn’t think that much of it.”

I know Sen. Rauschenberger- I was a paid staffer on his Illinois gubernatorial campaign. He is one of the smartest and most decent men involved in politics, in any state. If he says something about Obama, we should listen. The Obama campaign is quick to point out how much legislation Obama worked on in the Illinois Senate, but that is an illusion. Most bills in Illinois have 50 or 60 legislators “co-sponsoring” legislation. They have not worked on the bill, and do not intend to- this practice ensures that legislators can stump on issues that are important to the electorate. It spreads the wealth, enabling lawmakers to claim ownership of far more legislation than they could actually work on.

Obama has not shown anything other than a willingness to make you sacrifice for his ambitions. Don’t fall for talking points- an Obama presidency only ensures higher taxes and a more dangerous world.

Here's a little video: