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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Isakson out

by George Dienhart

U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson will not be running to replace Sonny Perdue as Governor of Georgia. Many saw Isakson as the front-runner to replace Perdue in the 2010 election. Perdue is term-limited and cannot run for re-election. Isakson has stated he will run for re-election in the Senate instead.


Progress on the Waynesboro Nuclear Electric plant front

by George Dienhart

Georgia Power has received “self-build” no bids were received in relation to the proposed Waynesboro Nuclear plant. Georgia power was required by law to solicit such bids before proceeding with adding the 2 Westinghouse units to the Vogtle Plant. The reactors are expected ot provide 2200 MW of electricity for the State of Georgia.


Do Democrats know the difference between entertainment and news?

by George Dienhart

I occasionally listen to Rush Limbaugh. Many conservatives do. In fact many, many people listen to Rush. He rose to popularity during the Clinton years. I even remember watching his TV show occasionally. He rose to prominence due to President Clinton’s many foibles, and has since remained a giant in his industry. That is because he is informative and entertaining. He is a thumb in liberal’s eyes. To the left he is the Boogieman.

The left blames Rush for the”canonization” of President Reagan, and the demonicfiation of President Clinton. The left cannot accept the fact that Reagan wonthe Cold War and presided over what was, at the time, the biggest peacetime expansion of the economy. Clinton’s problems were self-created. He was a mediocre president that was caught shtupping the help. He then lied under oath to cover it up. His actual accomplishments were few and far in between. This was not Rush Limbaugh’s fault- he was just smart enough to capitalize on Clinton's troubles.

The lefts latest fit of Limbaugh hysteria is over “Operation Chaos”- a radio bit encouraging Republicans to cross over and vote for Hillary in the Democratic Primaries. Just a quick question- how many people out there allow people to tell them who to vote for, let alone to switch parties? The answer would be almost none. As I have said before, voting is a personal act, and people are not prone to use their vote to promote a radio show, no matter how entertaining it is.

The funniest part of this is how liberals are promoting Limbaugh’s agenda, every time they complain about Operation Chaos. Just yesterday, John Kerry accused Limbaugh of “tampering” with the primary. We all know that Sen. Kerry is an excellent whiner, but even someone as blindly partisan as he is can see that particular accusation is a bit thin. Operation Chaos did not give the Democratic Party a split result on “Double Primary Tuesday”- a deeply divided and conflicted electorate did.

When you discount Lake County Indiana, which is part of Metropolitan Chicago (Obama’s home turf) - Hillary had a convincing win in Indiana. Hillary was also pummeled in North Carolina. These two entirely different states, gave us two entirely different results. This division is one of the reasons Hillary will not drop out of the race. She believes that she is more electable than Obama. She has seen the same polls we all have- showing Obama to be battered and bruised by former mentor Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Most of the county sees Wright as a problem- and will continue to see him as such. Every time Wright raises his head, we will hear of problems with Obama’s integrity and his inability to make the correct decisions. We will be reminded that he through his grandmother under the bus for this man, and then threw Wright beneath the wheels just weeks later. We will be reminded that he is just another politician that has problems discerning the truth from lies, and his own grandiose self-image from the perception of the average voter.

In the end it will be Barrack Obama that loses the election for Barack Obama. Rush Limbaugh will have no sway in this arena- he’ll just continue to entertain us.

Sex offender on the ballot in Newton County

by George Dienhart-

Unbelievable. Even worse, the Newton County GOP will not remove him from the ballot. Newton County GOP Chairman Steven Bray was quoted in the AJC as saying, “At this point, Mr. Gresham is a candidate having gone through the qualifying process and paid his fees. Each candidate is responsible for their knowledge of and compliance with the Georgia State Election Code. The Newton County Republican Party’s role in the qualifying process is to certify the candidate’s signatures on the documents and collect the qualifying fees.”

 I think that an exception can and should be made. This position will put children at risk. Legislation should be drawn up to forbid serial sex offenders from even being on the ballot. Ever. The law, as it currently exists, prohibits Gresham from running until 2010.  the fact that a man convicted of sodomizing a 14 year old can be on the ballot is embarrassment to the whole state of Georgia


Even Obama realizes he can't close.

by George Dienhart

According to the Politico, Obama will not declare victory until after the primaries on May 20:

"Not long after the polls close in the May 20 Kentucky and Oregon primaries, Barack Obama plans to declare victory in his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination.”

The articles author, David Paul, also terms the present situation a “train wreck”


Slow news day?

by George Dienhart

I’ve never been a fan of the McPaper. Today’s front page covers Jenna Bush’s wedding.

"Bucking tradition, Jenna plans low-key nuptials: Bush's daughter opts for 'private' ceremony at ranch." "Guests: About 200 close family members and friends. ... Theme: Texas nature, and state wildflower colors of green, blue, yellow and lavender. Before the weekend: Spa weekend for Jenna and friends in Boca Raton, Fla.; fishing and a bachelor party for Henry in Miami."

Sadly, my invitation must be lost in the mail…

ABC Jake Tapper is a funny guy.

by George Dienhart

I laughed aloud at this:

"You know what's funny? There's a guy named Harold Ickes who was on the DNC's Rules and Bylaws Committee who voted last year to strip Michigan and Florida of their delegates for violating the rules. I mean what are the odds?"

Wright still an issue

According to the Wall Street Journal, Rev. Wright weighed heavily on the minds of voters.:

"Almost half the voters in Indiana and North Carolina said the Wright matter had affected their choice - and those voters heavily favored Sen. Clinton in her fight for the Democratic presidential nomination, according to early exit polls. ... In Indiana, seven in 10 voters who said the Wright 'situation' was very or somewhat important to them voted for Sen. Clinton. In North Carolina, six in 10 supported her."

Good news for the McCain campaign.

Bill Clinton "Sour"

by George Dienhart

Mort Kondracke on Fox News deemed Bill Clinton “sour”: "I thought that Bill Clinton's expression, standing behind Hillary Clinton, said it all: He was sour. There was hardly a smile on his face. He was somber. He looked almost sick. I think the Clinton campaign sees this grand chance for the restoration slipping away right before their very eyes, when they thought that tonight was the chance to score a big victory."


Hillary's future plans:

by George Dienhart

The Politico had a good analysis yesterday:

From a Roger Simons piece:  "I don't think Clinton has any obligation to quit before the last primary, but she must continue to look scrappy and resolute in the weeks ahead and not sad or pathetic. ... Clinton could try for the nomination again, but even if she does not run for president in 2012, she is up for reelection to the Senate that year. Or she could run for governor of New York in 2010. Or she might want to become majority leader of the Senate. She has options, but only if she manages her endgame carefully. If she becomes known as the candidate who was willing to destroy her party in order to gain the nomination, she is likely to lose not just the nomination but also her political future”


David Plouff note to Super Delegates:

by George Dienhart

‘With the Clinton path to the nomination getting even narrower, we expect new and wildly creative scenarios to emerge in the coming days. While those scenarios may be entertaining, they are not legitimate and will not be considered legitimate by this campaign or millions of supporters, volunteers and donors.”

There you go, it’s over because Obama says it’s over. Who’s going to tell Hillary?

Money woes

by George Dienhart

Coming to us from the Washington Post:

"Her speech was tinged with a sense of urgency, as she pleaded with her supporters to go immediately to her website and make a contribution to allow her to continue to campaign against a rival who enjoys a sizable financial advantage. She followed that with an e-mail appeal to supporters asking for funds."

This comes on the heels of Hillary’s multi-million dollar personal loans to her campaign. All this and Obama still cant close...

"The America I love"

by George Dienhart

Sen. Obama recently mentioned "the America I love" in his victory speech.  "While I honor John McCain's service to his country, his ideas for America are out of touch with these core values. ... This is our time to answer the call that so many generations of Americans have answered before, by insisting that, by hard work and by sacrifice, the American dream will endure."

Interesting, seeing how he spent 20 years in the pews of a church that clearly didn’t believe anything even close to what he said..  Does that make Obama a hypocrite? Of course not, because he “can no more disown [Wright] than I can disown my white grandmother." Oh, wait…

Hillary still in it, even though MSM proclains her campaign dead.

by George Dienhart

To be fair, even Drudge proclaimed her campaign dead. In the darkest hour of night, she fights on, hoping that Michigan and Florida can buy her the nomination. Time’s cover also proclaims Obama the winner.