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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sex offender on the ballot in Newton County

by George Dienhart-

Unbelievable. Even worse, the Newton County GOP will not remove him from the ballot. Newton County GOP Chairman Steven Bray was quoted in the AJC as saying, “At this point, Mr. Gresham is a candidate having gone through the qualifying process and paid his fees. Each candidate is responsible for their knowledge of and compliance with the Georgia State Election Code. The Newton County Republican Party’s role in the qualifying process is to certify the candidate’s signatures on the documents and collect the qualifying fees.”

 I think that an exception can and should be made. This position will put children at risk. Legislation should be drawn up to forbid serial sex offenders from even being on the ballot. Ever. The law, as it currently exists, prohibits Gresham from running until 2010.  the fact that a man convicted of sodomizing a 14 year old can be on the ballot is embarrassment to the whole state of Georgia