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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Do Democrats know the difference between entertainment and news?

by George Dienhart

I occasionally listen to Rush Limbaugh. Many conservatives do. In fact many, many people listen to Rush. He rose to popularity during the Clinton years. I even remember watching his TV show occasionally. He rose to prominence due to President Clinton’s many foibles, and has since remained a giant in his industry. That is because he is informative and entertaining. He is a thumb in liberal’s eyes. To the left he is the Boogieman.

The left blames Rush for the”canonization” of President Reagan, and the demonicfiation of President Clinton. The left cannot accept the fact that Reagan wonthe Cold War and presided over what was, at the time, the biggest peacetime expansion of the economy. Clinton’s problems were self-created. He was a mediocre president that was caught shtupping the help. He then lied under oath to cover it up. His actual accomplishments were few and far in between. This was not Rush Limbaugh’s fault- he was just smart enough to capitalize on Clinton's troubles.

The lefts latest fit of Limbaugh hysteria is over “Operation Chaos”- a radio bit encouraging Republicans to cross over and vote for Hillary in the Democratic Primaries. Just a quick question- how many people out there allow people to tell them who to vote for, let alone to switch parties? The answer would be almost none. As I have said before, voting is a personal act, and people are not prone to use their vote to promote a radio show, no matter how entertaining it is.

The funniest part of this is how liberals are promoting Limbaugh’s agenda, every time they complain about Operation Chaos. Just yesterday, John Kerry accused Limbaugh of “tampering” with the primary. We all know that Sen. Kerry is an excellent whiner, but even someone as blindly partisan as he is can see that particular accusation is a bit thin. Operation Chaos did not give the Democratic Party a split result on “Double Primary Tuesday”- a deeply divided and conflicted electorate did.

When you discount Lake County Indiana, which is part of Metropolitan Chicago (Obama’s home turf) - Hillary had a convincing win in Indiana. Hillary was also pummeled in North Carolina. These two entirely different states, gave us two entirely different results. This division is one of the reasons Hillary will not drop out of the race. She believes that she is more electable than Obama. She has seen the same polls we all have- showing Obama to be battered and bruised by former mentor Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Most of the county sees Wright as a problem- and will continue to see him as such. Every time Wright raises his head, we will hear of problems with Obama’s integrity and his inability to make the correct decisions. We will be reminded that he through his grandmother under the bus for this man, and then threw Wright beneath the wheels just weeks later. We will be reminded that he is just another politician that has problems discerning the truth from lies, and his own grandiose self-image from the perception of the average voter.

In the end it will be Barrack Obama that loses the election for Barack Obama. Rush Limbaugh will have no sway in this arena- he’ll just continue to entertain us.