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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Disaster Looming?

By George Dienhart

The Politico also reports the GOP may have a 70-seat deficit in the house next year. Democrats are calling this the death of the GOP, and reveling at the passing. As is often the case, the reality is somewhat different that the gleeful liberals believe. A 70 seat deficit for the GOP would be a major setback (for both the GOP and the nation), but it would be far from a deathblow. You have to go back to the 75th Congress (1937-1939) to find the largest ever deficit. It stood at 333 Democrats to a scant 89 Republicans. That is an advantage of 244, for the Democrats. That massive advantage did not kill the GOP. It is worth noting that this era brought massive expenditures and depression upon the United States. Coincidence?

I am sorry to inform the left that this is not the end of the GOP. It is just an opportunity to rebuild around John McCain. That process must start now, and unfortunately, it will start with bare coffers. This has been a bad year for fundraising. No one reason can be named the cause. It is a combination of successful Democratic media buys and the current “Rock Star” status of Barack Obama. There is evidence that this has already started to even out. The RNC has out raised the DNC this cycle, $95 million to $56 million. That is a good start.

The Wall Street Journal also picked up on what it is calling "The Republican Panic". They believe Republican legislators may jump ship and start voting with the Democrats to save their own skin. The Journal wisely points out that the better strategy is to come up with their own winning strategy. “The better strategy is to offer a reform agenda of their own, especially one that begins to speak to the economic anxieties of the middle class. This includes doing some homework on health care for a change, instead of ceding that field to the Democrats”

Let us hope someone at the RNC is listening…