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Thursday, May 22, 2008

How the left is propagating the Obama is Muslim rumor

by George Dienhart

While browsing Reddit.com today I notices a link entitled “Misconceptions about Obama Continue. This time the Jews in Florida think he's Muslim and al Qaeda is supporting him”. The article in the International Herald Tribune, does quote some Jewish people that evidently, have, taken some of the lies spread about Obama as being truthful. However, the sample of people interviewed by the IHT is small. I can go out and find equal numbers of people who believe that the United States never landed a man on the moon. I can probable find a larger number of 9/11 truthers at a single Ron Paul event. In short, just because groups of people are in a newspaper, it does not mean they are a credible representation of a given community. It just means what they said caught the reporters ear.

Neither the IHT or Reddit could be termed conservative, yet they both propagate the myth. In the case of Reddit, anyone can pick a headline for a URL- it only reflects the view of the person submitting it; bit the IHT is a newspaper. It has editorial standards. I made the choice to vilify conservatives for something they are not doing. Jewish People in Florida are about 80 percent Democrat. Even amongst this admittedly small sample size, they are most likely Democrats. Why is the left doing this?

The answer is so they can blame the Republicans. Keep perpetuating an untruth, and eventually it will be believed. If evil Republicans are blamed for spreading this rumor, then they can then be blamed for leading the Florida’s elderly Jewish population asunder. It is all about assigning blame. If McCain wins Florida, it will not be because Jews have been misled to believe Obama is Muslim by Republicans. It is because Floridians, like most Americans, have found him to be too liberal and too inexperienced…