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Monday, May 5, 2008

Of tax reliefs and obliteration

By George Dienhart

Funny watching two Democrats argue over tax breaks. Obama is against the tax holiday on gasoline while Clinton is for it. I guess we should enjoy this while we can, I mean Clinton normally would not advocate any kind of tax break. She is desperately trying to distinguish herself from Obama. She chose to make her stand over a tax holiday that was first proposed by…John McCain?

There is usually some cross-pollination of ideas in an election. Different candidates can claim the good ideas of the primary opponents. Unpopular ideas are often cast off and forgotten. This is a little different, though. Sen. Clinton has chosen to make her stand on an idea advanced by the presumptive Republican nominee. Stealing Ideas in a primary is old news. Stealing ideas from the opposition party is a bold new direction, even for Clinton.

This is not the only difference that the two candidates have. Clinton is apparently Pro-obliteration, while Obama is anti-obliteration. I am speaking in regards to Iran, of course. I am usually against obliteration, but in this case, I might make some exceptions. For example:

  • Enemies of America that wish to obliterate us
  • Osama bin Laden
  • Anyone harboring bin Laden
  • That guy that keeps calling me to try to sell me a time-share. I mean it, I am REALLY not interested.

I agree with the Clintons on almost nothing. The one thing I can say about Hillary is she probably will not surrender to the terrorists. I cannot say that about Obama. I hope that Clinton would apply the same standards on obliteration to all of our enemies- and that telemarketer.