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Friday, May 16, 2008

Text of Atlanta Christian College press release

by George Dienhart

ACC has narrowed down it’s list of new locations to 2- both in South Metro Atlanta:


EAST POINT, Ga.Atlanta Christian College’s board of trustees announced today [May 15] that the cities of Newnan and Peachtree City are currently the top two venues under consideration in the college’s relocation process.

Atlanta Christian College announced in October 2007 that they had outgrown the East Point location where their campus has been since its founding in 1937.

“We are honored by the number of cities and communities throughout Georgia that have expressed interest in becoming the new hometown for Atlanta Christian College’s main campus,” said interim President Dean Collins, an organizational effectiveness consultant and 1979 ACC graduate.

“We want to choose the city that will not only be a great new location for Atlanta Christian College,” Collins said, “but will also allow us to partner with a community to bring growth and educational opportunities.”

Collins told the Peachtree City Council at a May 15 meeting that, while he is continuing to receive regular inquiries from communities interested in hosting the campus, Peachtree City, along with Newnan, to date, have “made the most compelling cases to be our new home.”

Atlanta Christian College is working with the city of East Point to discuss the best use of the college’s current campus, including utilizing a portion of it to house the college’s new adult degree completion program.

Atlanta Christian College’s mission is to educate students for Christ-centered service and leadership throughout the world. The college’s vision is to be the college of choice for students seeking a Christian learning community that is academically challenging, spiritually vibrant and globally engaged.

ACC offers degree programs in seven areas of study, ranging from biblical studies to business, and currently enrolls approximately 400 students. The new Access program offers associate and bachelor’s degrees for adult learners, as well as online courses.

News and information about Atlanta Christian College’s relocation process can be found on the college’s web site at www.acc.edu/onthemove. You may also email the college with any questions or concerns at OnTheMove@acc.edu. The president and board chairman will answer questions biweekly; the questions and answers will be posted on the site.