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Friday, April 25, 2008

Glass Houses

By George Dienhart

The Obama campaign has begun falsely accusing the McCain campaign of being behind the controversial ad that purchased, but yet to air, by the North Carolina GOP. This is clearly a charade, aimed at deflecting questions about Sen. Obama’s character. Has he demanded that the DNC stop attacking John McCain? The answer is no. The ad is unfair, in that it tries to link to statewide candidates in North Carolina to Rev. Wright. They are absolutely fair in linking Obama to Rev. Wright. My question is why is Obama criticizing McCain? McCain is actually demanding the NC GOP not air the ad. McCain has held himself to a standard that Obama himself is unwilling to conform to, yet the criticism continues to roll on from the Obama camp.

The sleaze and lies continue to ooze from the Obama Camp. He insists that he did not know what Rev. Wright’s sermons were all about, yet he was a 20-year attendee of Wright’s church services. He even commented on them a year before the controversy began. He sees nothing wrong with socializing with accused domestic terrorists and wants to negotiate with international terrorists. All this and he criticizes war hero John McCain.

Perhaps Obama should start trying to police his own behaviors, and shoddy instincts. His selection of friends has proven to be problematic to his campaign, and has shown the American Public that he has severely impaired judgment. Sen. Obama should concentrate on his own rather ample problems before focusing on Sen. McCain’s imagined problems.