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Monday, April 28, 2008

Rev. Wright’s Traveling Circus

by George Dienhart

Another day, another controversy- it has become standard operating procedure for the Obama campaign. It was bad enough that Rev. Wright’s over the top remarks left Senator Obama reeling and grasping for explanations. It was worse when Sen. Obama came up with lie after lie to justify his association with Rev. Wright. Now we are subject to Sen. Obama’s worst nightmare- Rev. Wrights traveling circus. In the center ring, please give a hand to the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Marvel as he offends everyone. Liberals rejoice as he blames all the worlds’ problems on America. Wonder at the spectacle as Rev. Wright turns on star church member Barack Obama. With all good circuses, viewers may be subject to some slight of hand- and this circus tour is full of it.

Could this latest round or Obama’s nightmares be preplanned? We have seen he is not beyond such political tricks- think back to the fainting supporters earlier in the campaign. The situation always followed the same script- and I do mean script. Five events, five fainters, five times Obama reacts the same way- right down to his words. Are the latest of Wright’s antics more of the same?

Let us jump to Wrights remarks at the National Press Club. When asked about his comments that "America's chickens are coming home to roost"- he refused to answer the question. He claimed that the question had been “nullified”- to wit. "Have you heard the whole sermon? ... No, you haven't heard the whole sermon. That nullifies that question". FYI for Rev. Wright- America has heard the whole sermon, and found that you may be a tad out of touch with reality.

Recently, Rev. Wright has claimed that Obama has distanced himself from Wright and his church. "(He) distanced himself from some of my remarks. ... He had to distance himself, because he's a politician, from what the media was saying I had said, which was un-American." Interesting- Wright believes Obama is un-American because he distanced himself from Wright’s ridiculous claims. Wright does not have a problem with Obama refusing to wear a flag pin, or the subsequent flip on the subject, or the fact that Obama will negotiate with our enemies. No, Obama is un-American because he chose act as if he is breaking away from Wright’s influence.

What kind of influence? Let us think back for a moment:

  • God &$% America
  • The US of KKK America
  • AIDS is a secret government plot.
  • Inviting terrorists to contribute to the church newsletter.

I think it is clear why Obama want to look like he has distanced himself. If only he would actually distance himself. Obama has continuously lied and made excuses for this man, but know we see a new tact. Big bad Obama has forsaken poor Rev. Wright. Wright makes a national tour espousing how Obama does not return his calls or bring him flowers. You see, poor Rev. Wright is the real victim.

In reality, the American public is the real victim. An American public that has grown tired and is truly looking for change is poorly served by an Obama campaign that weaves the word change into every speech and dispatch, only to refuse to back up their statements. As usual, it is just more of the same bad behavior form the Obama Camp.

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