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Monday, April 28, 2008

Ted Turner is an idiot.

by George Dienhart

I am new to the area, having moved to Metro Atlanta a year ago. I did so knowing that Ted Turner is an idiot. He’s alway’s been an idiot. I’m not saying he didn’t build a successful business and make gobs of money, but that doesn’t mean he’s not an idiot. I’ve got two words to prove my point- Jane Fonda.

I do have more evidence to offer up. Ted’s most recent bout of worshiping the false idol Al Gore. A couple of weeks ago he stated that we would all be resorting to cannibalism soon. That statement was an embarrassment to everyone who lives in the state of Georgia. Like or not, the rest of the world associates Ted Turner and Atlanta almost as much it associates Oprah with Chicago or Trump with New York. The difference is, Oprah and Trump usually know when to shut up. Ted Turner does not.

Just recently Turner spoke up about the global food shortages- he forgot to acknowledge that these food shortages were caused by switching food crop land to biofuel crop land. This is they type of mess caused by people who call for more biofuel crops. People like Ted Turner in his speech to the World Trade Organization in 2006. So now Ted want’s humanity to curb it’s instinct to reproduce. Everyone, that is, except the Turner family. The mouth has 5 children.

What’s a Ted Turner paradise look like? Well it would be a world with only 350 million people. I’m not sure what he want’s us to do with the other 6 Billion Humans- maybe that’s where the cannibalism comes in.