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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

ABC News outs Obama

by George Dienhart

Interesting, this is got to be the first time Big Media has stopped fluffing Obama (I’m referring to his pillow). In the interview, Obama not only showed he hasn’t a clue about what’s going on in Iraq and Afghanistan, he also showed a visible loss of poise. Loss of poise is potentially disastrous for a candidate who has been running a “style over substance” campaign. From ABCNews.com:

"Obama posited - incorrectly - that Arabic translators deployed in Iraq are needed in Afghanistan - forgetting, momentarily, that Afghans don't speak Arabic. ... No sooner did Obama realize his mistake - and correct himself - but he immediately made another. 'We need agricultural specialists in Afghanistan, people who can help them develop other crops than heroin poppies, because the drug trade in Afghanistan is what is driving and financing these terrorist networks ... ,' he said. ... 'But if we are sending them to Baghdad, they're not in Afghanistan,' Obama said. ... In Iraq, oil fields not poppy fields are a major source of U.S. technical assistance."

Well, it’s no wonder he want’s to cut and run- he clearly doesn’t understand what’s going on in Iraq (or Afghanistan). This is just one more example of “style over substance”. His campaign communicates nothing but marketing sound bites, and the candidate stumbles badly when forced to comment on actual foreign policy issues.