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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Cherie Blair

I had to share this quote from Cherie Blair on the Clinton/ Lewinski scandal:

CHERIE BLAIR MEMOIRS " Bill was so bloody stupid - but Chelsea Clinton kept her parents together": "I did, however, discuss it with Hillary. In her view, the way the right wing relentlessly pursued it was all part of a wider attempt by their enemies to discredit Bill. The most important aspect, she said, was not to let it undermine the presidency. So on a political, strategic level that was the line they took - that this had been politically motivated and stirred up by those who wanted to undermine the Democratic presidency. On a personal level, however, there is no doubt that she was furious and hurt - and rightly."

So, we evidently have Cherie Blair to thank for Hillary’s “Stand by your man” approach to adultery.  As least, she recognized that “Bill was so bloody stupid”.