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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Close the Deal!

by George Dienhart

Obama can have no coffee- Coffee is for closers (Glengary Glen Ross)

Obama can have no walls- Walls are for closers (Simpsons)

Obama can have no air- Air is for closers (Fouroboros)

Obama can’t use Salesforce.com- Salesforce.com is for closers (Wallstrip)

Obama can’t blog- blogging is for closers (Closers Only Blog)

Obama can’t sit at the Buffet table for. Buffet tables are for closers (Jayhawks coach Mark Mangino)

Obama can have no Breakfast- Breakfast is for Closers (T-Shirt)

Obama cannot receive communion- The Blood of Christ is for closers (Snopes.com)

Obama can not have pomegranate Juice- Pomegranate juice is for closers (Bettie Bookish)

Obama cannot eat steak- Steak is for closers (Poster Kramer at ChicagoSports.com)

I think you get my point here-

Obama cannot be President- The Presidency is for closers (Raw Meat for a Red State)