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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Paul campaign refuses to face reality

by George Dienhart

I say Paul’s campaign, because Congressman Paul has faced reality. He is on a book tour. The campaign, however continues. Paul has 4 million bucks in the back, and has pared his staff down to just 15 people. In a sign of his irrelevance, his campaign had to issue a statement yesterday reminding people that he is still in the race. Curiously, this is in direct conflict with what the candidate had been saying himself for weeks. They brag that he garnered 16% of the votes in the Pennsylvania primary- which is hardly overwhelming proof of a movement. So why go on?

The book tour. Congressman Paul is trying to utilize his in place campaign structure to promote his book. As long as he sticks around, the fringe media will adore him, and allow him the free promotion that his book needs. Congressman Paul has also stated he wants to go to the convention holding 50 delegates- he believes this can get him a prime time speech spot at the convention. This would amount to an infomercial for the Congressman’s book.

In the end, this isn’t about changing the Republican Party, or service to our nation. It is about amassing personal wealth by selling a book. It is sleazy enough, staying in the race to sell books, but I think he may be violating the spirit of campaign financing to do it. It is impossible to prove, and Paul is not likely to implicate himself. Therefore, the circus will continue its tour.

There is one other sleazy aspect to this. Paul has been telling his supporters that he is running to save the Republican Party. When I hear that, I always wondered if ran as the Libertarian Party candidate to save their party as well. This save the party talking point is clearly not true. His refusal to drop out after being soundly thrashed by Sen. McCain is evidence that Ron Paul is not a loyal Republican. He places his own wealth ahead of the Republican Party, and of America itself. That is not the act of a patriot. It is the act of a snake oil salesman.