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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

DNC self-flagellation to continue

by George Dienhart

Why, oh why, do Democrats do this to themselves? It was supposed to be their year. As a staunch Republican, I still have to overcome laughter every time I turn my attention to the race for the Democratic Party Presidential nomination. Certainly there are more important stories, as the nomination is all but wrapped up, but there are none more entertaining. Today’s story in the today’s New York Post claims that 64% of all Democrats want Hillary Clinton to stay in the race. To me this is mind-boggling.

In recent history, Democrats win when the economy is an issue. True the recent history I speak of is Bill Clinton, but the DNC has convinced Big Media that there is a recession, and many people have fallen for the marketing blitz. This would normally mean that the opposition party (as far as the White House is concerned) is poised to run away with the election. This is clearly not the case with McCain running statistically (within the margin of error) even or ahead of Obama in almost every case. In most of these same polls Clinton leads McCain. As an angry, bald, white guy once said, It’s the economy, stupid (even if it’s not). Why don’t voters trust Obama with the economy?

Most likely, it is a combination of things. For starters, he has no experience, whatsoever, in running a large organization. Budget work is hard work and requires energy and ideas, not catchphrases and positive “buzz”.

Secondly- Taxes. I know it is hard for Democrats to realize, but we already pay too much. Tax cuts stimulate the economy. Lower taxes under President bust have lead to record revenues. Obama’s tax hike would be historic- not just due to its massive size, but also because of the massive damage that would be done to the economy. The tax increase, in conjunction with an increase in spending so large that it defies logical explanation, will almost certainly throw us into a four year recession.

There is also an issue of trust. Repeatedly, Obama shows us that he has poor judgment. This is not the time for the United States to select a leader with judgment problems..

When you roll this all up- it spells out why most Democrats want Hillary to keep fighting the good fight. As a Republican, I can only sit back and enjoy the ride.