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Friday, May 9, 2008

Berkeley Protest against Marine recruiters becomes bizarre footnote in a failed antiwar movement.

by George Dienhart

Code Pink is an antiwar group that has launched a string of odd, if not spectacular failures, of war protests. The latest protests have been staged outside the Marine Corps recruiting station in Berkeley California. The lightly attended “events” are fully supported by the Berkeley city council, which has even gone so far as to issue the group parking permits. The group has also taken a bizarre stance against Hillary Clinton, who, I believe, is the only presidential candidate to meet with them (Votes is votes, I guess…).

As a former Marine, I am amused by the protests in Berkeley. I also feel for the recruiters who are growing tired of having 90-year-old wheel chair bound women block their door. I believe this may have been a violation of the fire code. Maybe someone at the Department of Defense can check in to this, though I doubt that having the elderly cited for the violation will help much. Comically, code pink said the Marines were afraid of the brittle bone s brigade because they would not open the door. I think that the Marines may have been laughing too hard at the spectacle to get to the door.

I realize that the poor elderly women that were being used by code pink may not have qualified as a spectacle, but this did. Have a look and then come on back.

Yep- Witches. Or the clinically insane, I have not decided yet.

Marines have faced, fascists, communists, terrorists and now witches. Who will win? So far, according to Capt. John Paul Wheatcroft, the Marines are ahead

"Ironically, it's actually helped us by putting our name out. We're now well known. And people know who we are, and where we are, and they come in to talk to us about enlisting. They've gotten us the publicity that we could've never afforded to pay for ourselves.” This is probably not the result that the Code Pink whack jobs were going for, but it is what any sane and rational human being would expect.

I am sure that Code Pink will continue to protest, even as their numbers dwindle. No one like hearing about caskets coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan, but most of us understand that it is necessary to confront evil, and wrong to confront those who protect us from it. That is something the hardcore left (the core Obama supporters) cannot seem to comprehend. The simple precept that it takes brave men and women to confront evil seems to be an alien concept to the code pink protesters, who hide behind the Berkeley city council and try to belittle our brave Marines. They have failed and now seem to have turned to the occult. Good luck with that. You can pray to a false mother goddess all day, and still be an ass. Cast all the spells you like- it’s a waste of snails, wolf bane and bad intentions- all it takes is common sense to realize that the Marines are the good guys here.