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Friday, May 9, 2008

No bounce for you!

by George Dienhart

A bounce is an increase in your poll numbers after major event- things like a primary, or locking up a nomination. It is something young Barry should have received after winning NC and, more or less, sewing up the nomination. It is not something that happened. As I said before, elections are for closers, and Barry is no closer. Gallup pegs him with a two percent lead. He had the same two percent lead before Tuesday’s primaries.

You may ask how can he only have a two percent lead on McCain? You would be asking the wrong question. He has a two percent lead on Hillary- you know the vanquished one. Some polls show young Barry trailing McCain. This is not only proof that Obama cannot close, its proof that the Democrats are in serious trouble.

This year each of the two Democrats candidates supporters have been polled saying up to 30 percent will not support the other candidate. That is more than enough to guarantee victory for McCain. It is more than enough to have ripples in the congressional election- it would amount to near record low turnout for the Democrats (as a percentage of registered voters). It is enough to possibly through the house back into Republican hands. Thirty percent is a lot of voters.

This poll is exactly what Hillary needs for people to start a new round of fundraising. It is virtually guaranteed that neither candidate will have enough delegates for nomination if Florida and Michigan are seated. To add to Barry's woes, it should be all Hillary in the remaining primaries. This is a big problem for Obama. He is perceived by everyone that is mot a member of the mainstream media as not being able to close this out. Most importantly, voters seem to be turning away from him as the campaign drags on. He is dying a death of 100 cuts- most of which were inflicted by former mentor Jeremiah Wright. Voters that used to associate him with hope and change now associate him with suspicion and indifference. Had Wright gone on his book tour in January, Hillary would have already locked up the nomination. You see, Hillary is a closer.  Obama better hope a miracle- or he will be marginalized by McCain in the general election.