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Monday, May 12, 2008

Who is Tony Rezko and what is his connection to Obama?

by George Dienhart

I have a large family, at least by modern standards. With all the kids, we probably pull apart our coach and vacuum it out more often than smaller families. We always find a virtual treasure trove of items when we clean out the couch. We have found PSP games, missing remote controls, and all sorts of “action figures”. Barbie dolls, GI Joe and other toys seep in to the dark and mysterious crevices of our couch, only to surface when we do our weekend cleaning. We also find spare change. The most I ever found was about enough to buy a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

During the campaign, Sen. Obama also cleaned out his couch. He apparently found enough spare change to buy 24,633 cups of coffee. That is $73,900.00 in change that was found in the cushions of the metaphorical couch where Tony Rezko once sat. When it has all said and done, Rezko has lost about 200 thousand dollars worth of change in the cushions of Obama’s various fund raising efforts. This is what Obama must be referring to in his constant calls for “change”.

So, you must be wondering whom the Rezko connected Obama donors were. The list includes:

  • Talat Othman ($1000.00), whom Rezko recommended for a spot on the Illinois Finance Authority.
  • Semir Sirazi ($2000.00), a friend of Tony Rezko who insists that Rezko owes him money. I wonder where that money could have went….
  • Michael Sreenan ($2000.00), an attorney for a Rezko development company and eventual owner of a certain infamous piece of land in Chicago. Sreenan purchased this lot, which adjoins the Obama’s home, from Rezko’s wife.

All in all, a lot of joe. Still thirsty? I hope so; we also noticed a fresh steaming hot cup of Hypocrisy at the Obama’s house. I will not often thank the Clinton’s, but they served us this tasty treat:

'Senator Obama has premised his campaign on just words, most notably the resounding speech he delivered in October 2002 against the Iraq war. But with the fifth anniversary of the invasion upon us, the onus is now on Senator Obama to demonstrate what he did to act on that 2002 speech when he got to the U.S. Senate. ... When he took over the subcommittee that oversees NATO and Afghanistan and had a chance to follow up on the part of his 2002 speech that argued that Iraq diverted attention from Afghanistan, he failed to hold a single hearing. ... At the end of the day, the true test for a president is not the speeches he or she delivers - it's whether he or she delivers on the speeches.'

So, the most anti-war candidate was actually in position to “do something” about the war. What did he choose to do? Absolutely nothing. No hearings, no new ideas, and no change. Just more business as usual for Barrack Obama, once again showing that his MO is to say something inspiring while doing absolutely nothing...

That is a bad week for a man running for president. Incredibly, there is even more. Controversy once again reared its ugly head in the form of Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright. We all heard the stories about the America hating preacher that Obama counts amongst his advisers. Obama has tried to ignore the talk of what goes on in his church, often stating that he has not attended during the most controversial sermons. Newsmax magazine seems to think otherwise. Ronald Kessler reported that Obama attended for the now famous ‘United States of White America' sermon. He also added, “the senator sat in his pew and nodded in agreement.”

When you add this all together, it becomes apparent that Obama has some serious deficiencies in his personality. His association with Rezko shows that he is a bad judge of character. He compounded his bad judgment in regards to Rezko by taking 200 thousand dollars in cash from him for various political campaigns. He also showed bad judgment in allowing Rezko to become involved in purchasing the lot adjoining the property Obama wished to buy; it appears Rezko may have paid more for his property so Obama would be able to pay less. Either Obama chose to ignore that Rezko might believe that Obama now owed him a favor, or he is the most naïve man ever to walk the face of the earth. Neither trait makes for a good president. These character traits are bad enough, but Obama also chooses to befriend a pastor who takes every available opportunity to insult America, spew hatred and disseminate harmful rhetoric about race. Not only did Obama fail to get up and walk out of the church as Rev. Wright continuously assailed America- he allegedly showed his agreement by sitting quietly in his pew, nodding his head.

I guess a November win by Obama would be a change. We would change Presidents, going from an honest, hard working man who loves America to Obama. That is not the kind of change I want to find.