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Monday, May 12, 2008

The mighty middle?

by George Dienhart

Gerald F. Seib and John Harwood of The Wall Street Journal speculates that moderates may pave the way to a less confrontational legislature:

'The long, fascinating spectacle of the presidential primaries has all but obscured their potential impact on American politics: Campaign 2008 may break Washington's gridlock by reviving the long-dormant political center. ...
They go on to write, 'In the wake of Tuesday's primary elections in North Carolina and Indiana, it appears more likely than ever that the two presidential candidates this fall will be Sen. Barack Obama for the Democrats and Sen. John McCain for the Republicans. They happen to be the two most surprisingly successful candidates of the year, and both got ahead largely by arguing they have unique abilities to bring people together in Washington.'

This is probably true of a McCain presidency. An Obama presidency will be more successful in passing legislation that the Bush administration, largely due the Democrats majority in both houses. I doubt that there would be a lot of reaching across the isle, though. There’s not enough common ground between conservatives and the nation’s most liberal Senator (by ACU rating).