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Monday, May 12, 2008

Smart move from the McCain camp.

by George Dienhart

When Hillary surged late in the primary season, Obama started ducking debates. Apparently someone at McCain HQ noticed. Via the Politico:

'The McCain camp is also examining a suggestion by Mark McKinnon, a media strategist for the Republicans, who has suggested that his boss and Mr Obama agree to campaign together in some states, attending joint town hall meetings and debating each other without a moderator. ... [A] refusal from Mr. Obama could be used against him.  'The town hall meeting is John's best format,' the aide said. 'He's a natural campaigner up close with the public. That would test Obama's claims that he wants a clean fight on the issues. John is also strong on finance reform. If Obama reneges on public funding it will look bad.'

Balls in your court, Sen. Obama.