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Monday, May 12, 2008

Double standard prevails

by George Dienhart

Camp Obama refuses to address corruption issues- ties to Toby Rezko. The Rezko issue was active just 3 years ago when Rezko helped Obama buy his McMansion. Why is this relevant? It is relevant because the Obama Camp has decided to bring up the “Keating 5” scandal from McCain’s past. Past as in 1989. Interesting double standard. A fascinating historical footnote is that 4 members of the Keating 5 were Democrats. Why is that relevant? According to a wikipedia article, Robert S. Bennett, whom McCain had hired to represent him in this matter, defended McCain's character and was one of many people who criticized the piece. Bennett, who was the special investigator during the Keating Five scandal that The Times revisited in the article, said that he fully investigated McCain back then and suggested to the Senate Ethics Committee to not pursue charges against McCain because of "no evidence against him." Bennett was coincidentally on Hannity and Colmes the night the story broke to talk about his autobiography. On the show, he said that he felt the Committee pursued charges against McCain because, without him, the case would have been entirely against Democrats.” I guess that is what passes as fair to the Democrats.