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Friday, May 2, 2008

Is Obama sucking the DNC dry?

By George Dienhart

Amidst all the hubbub about Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton breaking fundraising records, the mainstream media seems to be overlooking the incoming receipts of the Democratic National Committee. The DNC has been lagging behind not only its presidential candidates, but also behind the Republican National Committee.  In fact, the RNC has risen over twice what the DNC has- 36.5 million for the GOP, while the DNC has raised only $17.7 million.

With all the attention focused on the presidential race, people have not paid attention to these all-important figures. The parties largely fund congressional races, and also run ads for their presidential candidates. This is big important news, which also shows that the Democrats may be in more trouble than they think. Earlier in the election cycle, Republicans spoke of retaking the house- then they were besot with a wave of retirements that stunned both leadership and the rank and file voter. I actually heard a stunned talk show host, Michael Medved, moved to silence when one of his callers informed him of how many house members actually planned to retire. To my knowledge, he has not brought up retaking the house on his show since.

The numbers are daunting, but people are asking for change, and in change, there is often opportunity.  At last count, 22 Republicans were retiring. Some of these races will be in safe districts, some in competitive districts. The key point is, this could be good news in that it may usher in a new wave of younger, more energetic Republicans.  Raw state will begin profiling and analyzing the situation in each of these congressional districts today.

First up, Wyoming Congresswoman Barbara Cubin’s at large seat.

Cubin is a somewhat controversial 7-term congresswoman from Wyoming. Wyoming is sparsely populated, and as such has one at large district. Cubin won re-election in 2006 by the slim margin of 48.3% to 47.8%. Wyoming is normally a solidly Republican seat. The last election was close, but not because of a disaffection for the Republican Party, because of Rep, Cubin’s bizarre behavior and missed votes.  Cubin’s antics have included distributing obscenely shaped cookies and threatening to slap a man in a wheel chair. With a good Republican in the race, this should be an easy win. The Republican front runner appears to be businessman/rancher Mark Gordon.  Gordon has jumped on the “change” train. His website quotes him as saying "People all over the state and the nation are calling for new blood, fresh ideas, and leaders willing to listen and able to think outside government, outside the beltway, who have the kind of proven business and ranching experience needed to bring about sensible change.”


Next:  Tom Davis (R-Va 11th district.),