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Friday, May 2, 2008

Peachtree City Tatoo shop

by George Dienhart

I have mixed feelings on this. I have one tattoo, which I had applied – when I was in the Marines. Tattoos are a part of military tradition- it’s just one of the seedier parts. Given a do over, I probably would not have got it done- but I live with my decision.

2 weeks ago, I was coming out of the McDonalds parking lot, and noticed a tattoo parlor had moved into the shopping center. Every fiber of my being knew that this was the wrong business for Peachtree City. It’s not a military town, and most parents (myself included) do not want our sons and daughters pierced and tattooed. I am sure that city hall heard a lot about this new business, and they reacted, I believe, appropriately. They have answered the town’s questions about health and cleanliness of such a business. This was done through enacting several statutes that will ensure that a doctor is present for direct supervision. This most likely means that the shop will need to move.

Again, I may be a hypocrite for supporting the city in this decision, but children are supposed to learn from the benefit of parent’s mistakes. I have a tattoo, and even I do not think that this business belongs in an area frequented by so many children.