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Friday, May 2, 2008

Moulitsas Melts down over Foxnews

by George Dienhart

Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas appears to have had a major meltdown over Hillary’s appearance on Fox News.

We are used to a lot of hysteria from the left, especially over Fox News. This was more of the same. According to The Politico Moulitsas told Michael Calderone 'Democrats are being idiotic by going on that network.’

Idiotic? Mediamark Research (again, thanks to the Politico) benchmarked 47 percent of Fox viewers as undecideds/independents. Only 39% consider themselves conservative. I suspect this has always been the case. With Bill Clinton making an ass of himself day after day, and CNN owning up to it’s nickname of the “Clinton News Network”, Democrats were bound to be upset by an organization offering a “fair and balanced” perspective.

The left has made a lot of the “fair and balanced” tag. The DNC has done it’s job, marking Fox as a conservative network. At this point, I need to ask, how many news organizations ensure that they have a talking head from both sides of the issue virtually every segment. Just Fox. That’s fair and balanced.

Leftist bloggers like Moulitsas have a long history of emotional fits over Fox News. It’s because of the fair and balanced approach. The big problem for the left is that when both sides of an issue is presented in a conversation, they come up looking bad nearly every time. The only time the left can get it’s point across is when it is talking at you, as opposed to talking to you. That is the problem for the liberal movement. Most members of the “liberal elite” don’t believe that individual Americans can be trusted with making decisions, so instead of presenting you with information, and letting an individual decide, they prefer to tell you what to do. Whether it is through blogging, CNN, or a penchant for spending you money, the left believes that they should be in charge of your life.

Lets remember that at the polls next year.